To provide the Lydia House of Omaha, Nebraska with financial support in order to offer emergency services for women and families in need of immediate assistance, including food, shelter, clothing and other basic needs, all for charitable purposes.

Who steps in to help when there is no where else to turn? Well, for many women and their children in the Omaha area, it’s the Lydia House.

A part of the Open Door Mission, The Lydia House has been providing emergency services for women and their families since 1990.

Nationally, about half of all homeless women and children are fleeing domestic abuse and violence. The Lydia House provides food, shelter and safety to those who need it most.

Because there is such a great need to assist these people, The Helping Hands of the Lydia House was formed. There is a $10.00 annual membership fee to join The Helping Hands of the Lydia House. This program assists in helping provide emergency services to hundreds of Omaha-area women and their children. As part of your membership, we’ll also update you regarding any upcoming fund raising events and organizational needs.

Contributions assist in the purchase of food, medicine, clothing, toys, basic housing needs, school needs and more. Additionally, monies raised support programs that address the causes of homelessness, abuse, addiction and unemployment.

Thank you for your support of The Helping Hands of the Lydia House.

Learn more at the Open Door Mission or email .